Physiotherapy enjoys a high status in Switzerland. But this is not the only reason why it is worthwhile to work as a physio in Switzerland. The working conditions, the salary and other arguments also speak for a job as a physio in Switzerland. On this page, we will show you that a change is not witchcraft, what you need to consider and what you can look forward to.

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Are you also thinking about looking for a job as a physiotherapist in Switzerland? Perhaps you have already googled “physiotherapy job offers switzerland”? Many colleagues from the Physiozentrum from different countries can relate to this.

Advantages as a physiotherapist in Switzerland

The following hard facts speak for physio jobs in Switzerland.

1. High esteem as a physio

In Switzerland, your expertise is in demand: physiotherapists are highly valued by both patients and doctors. Swiss doctors rely on the skills of physios, who often make new relevant findings and report them to the doctors.

The medical profession doesn’t tell you what to do. Thanks to the digital processes, the interdisciplinary exchange, the large network and the quality of your treatment, the Physiozentrum itself is also highly regarded by female doctors.

2. Good working conditions for physiotherapists

As a physiotherapist, you are well insured in Switzerland and have a stable pension plan. The Physiozentrum also offers you five weeks’ holiday, one week’s paid training leave and the opportunity to take on exciting additional jobs or more responsibility.

3. Very good salary as a physio

In no other European country do physiotherapists earn as much as in Switzerland. At the Physiozentrum, you not only have a fixed basic salary (which is especially important in the start-up phase), but also a turnover bonus. This means that you can sweeten your salary considerably.

In Switzerland, the average annual gross salary for a physio is 65,000 euros and in Germany 25,000 euros. In many other European countries, the physio wage is similar to that in Germany.

Working and living in Switzerland

Of course: What good is the best salary if you don’t like it in this place? After all, you still have a life (with five weeks’ holiday anyway). We maintain that Switzerland is an excellent place to live.

We don’t just have our well-known tourism slogans to offer (the mountains, Heidi, chocolate, cheese …) – which are all true, by the way – but also many other solid arguments in favour of a job and a life in Switzerland. Here are three of them:

1. There is a lot going on in Switzerland

Switzerland is small but mighty: hardly any other country offers so many concerts, culture, nature, sports and parties on so few square kilometres. Going to a concert on Friday, strolling through the old town on Saturday and hiking in the mountains on Sunday? No problem. But enough patriotic praise, our tourism association can do much better.

There are also other things to do in Switzerland, e.g. exciting physiotherapy job offers

2. Public transport

Switzerland has a very dense public transport network. This is very convenient for many of the Physiozentrum team, as our practices are very centrally located, usually right next to a train station. So you’re quickly at work and quickly back home. And, by the way, you can also get to the snow-covered mountains in sunny Ticino in no time at all …

3. Low taxes

Taxes in Switzerland are lower than in our neighbouring countries. This means that you have a lot left over from your annual salary. The tax rate differs from canton to canton (canton = state) and we have 26 cantons. For this reason, we have not listed them here, you can find the figures here.

How to get started as a physio in Switzerland

Of course, first you need interesting job offers. You can find the open physio jobs from the Physiozentrum here: Vacancies Physiotherapy Switzerland.

But you are also welcome to send us your documents without referring to a specific job offer. We need a letter of motivation, a CV and certificates and diplomas. We will then contact you and the application process will take its course. By the way, we are happy to conduct a first interview online, e.g. via Teams or Zoom. This is how it works:

  1. You apply (for a job or just like that).
  2. We check your documents
  3. We make an online call
  4. A second interview takes place on site, you get to know your team and the practice
  5. You sign your contract 🙂
  6. Paperwork, see next chapter
  7. Your first working day with us

Important administrative task, or: all the paperwork

Sure, you can’t do it without a dash of administration. There are administrative hurdles that have to be overcome. Important: We are there for you and will help you! You will receive all the necessary information from us in detail.

1. Recognition of foreign diplomas in Switzerland

To work as a foreign physiotherapist in Switzerland, you need to have your diploma recognised. This is done by the SRC (Swiss Red Cross). The SRC also registers your diploma. You can find up-to-date information on this at

But don’t worry, we offer a service that is unique in Switzerland: We take care of the entire process of recognising your foreign diploma for you! All you have to do is send us the necessary documents and our authorisation team will support you as soon as you have signed the contract with the Physiozentrum.

2. Residence permit

You need a residence permit to work in Switzerland for a longer period of time. You get this from your municipality of residence. The authorities explain everything on

3. Flat hunting, moving, registration requirements …

We also support you in word and deed with all the other administrative matters that have nothing to do with your future job.

Schwyzerdütsch or: Swiss German?

As you may know, we in Switzerland speak a strange German dialect, Swiss German. In fact, there is not THE Swiss German, but quite a few different regional dialects (and sometimes we don’t understand each other).

You don’t have to speak Swiss German, but you do have to speak German: we require at least a B2 level (which is also necessary for SRC recognition). If you understand Swiss German, all the better. But our experience shows that the learning curve is quite steep for everyone.

You see, there are some good reasons to work as a physio in Switzerland. Of course, you now have a lot of question marks over your head. Asking us your questions is definitely a good start. You can find more information on our website.

Any questions?

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