We offer the entire spectrum of physiotherapy as well as massages and medical training – all in one place. Our qualified staff will treat you to the highest standards.

Basel Claraplatz


Untere Rebgasse 8

4058 Basel

Mo - Fr:
08:00 - 20:00 Time

Our practice is only a few meters away from Claraplatz

Arrival by public transport

Numerous trams and buses serve the Claraplatz stop.

Arrival by car

We recommend the Rebgasse car park, which itself is only a few metres away from Claraplatz.

Medico Search Reviews

«Very competent with personalized care. Highly recommended. »
J. Newkirk (via Google)
«Great team, good infrastructure and ideal location. I was able to start physio right after surgery and made a great recovery. »
J.A.K (via Google)
«Perfect massage, exactly tracked down the knots and massaged away with the right pressure. I was wonderfully relaxed and left the practice clearly pain free.»
E. Dreizler (via Google)
«The space is super modern and gives out a sphere of a place where you relax and get pampered rather than the old-fashioned medical centers where you fear to be grilled. »
Aurora (via Google)