We offer the entire spectrum of physiotherapy as well as massages and medical training – all in one place. Our qualified staff will treat you to the highest standards.

Baden Bahnhofstrasse


Bahnhofstrasse 7

5400 Baden

Mo - Do:
07:30 - 20:00 Time

Fr :
07:30 - 18:30 Time

Our practice is located at Schlossbergplatz

Arrival by public transport

The bus stop Schlossbergplatz is directly in front of our door. It is a three-minute walk to the train station.

Arrival by car

The Gstühl and Theaterplatz multi-storey car parks are just a few steps away.

Medico Search Reviews

«TOP commitment & service, from my therapist and the MPA's, with my complicated and time-consuming insurance history.»
Curdin W (via Google)
«A fantastic place with the best staff and well-equipped facilities.»
M. Bharath (via Google)
«Central location, brightly furnished, good therapists.»
C. Bernasconi (via Google)
«I am very satisfied with the physio center and I regularly go for massage.»
MultiCupcake (via Google)