The full spectrum of physiotherapy

Welcome to PHYSIOZENTRUM! Our physiotherapy specialists are at your service in seven cities in Switzerland. For further information, please click on the location near you.

Basel SBB
Basel Marktplatz
St. Gallen
Zurich HB
Zurich Oerlikon
Zurich Stauffacher

5 Reasons for choosing us

1 We work when you need us

You will easily find an appointment with us even if you are working. Our practice is open till 8 p.m.

2 No waiting lists

Pain cannot be postponed. If you call us now, you will get an appointment within two days at the latest. In cases of emergency we will treat you today.

3 We provide high quality service

Our employees are trained and your patient files are checked on a regular basis so we can keep the quality at a high level at all times. With our modern practice equipment we provide our physiotherapists with an optimum working environment in order to give you the best possible therapy.

4 We are specialists

Our objective is to offer the full spectrum of physiotherapy in a single location. No matter what problem you have – for almost every case there is a specialist on our team who can help you.

5 We will go easy on your wallet

Therapy series that last for months oftentimes benefit the bank account of the therapist more than the health of the patient. To us it is most important to satisfy our patients and doctors. For this reason we will treat you in a fast and efficient way.