For top athletes a personal massage therapist is a constant companion who contributes to success in all phases with the sports massages provided:

  • In the preparation phase a sports massage increases the effectiveness of the training by promoting blood circulation. In addition, it has a mental effect that must not be underestimated.
  • Directly before and during the competition it loosens muscles and ligaments. With special stretching grips cramps can be prevented.
  • After the competition a sports massage helps to regenerate and restore performance.

The techniques used in sports massage therapy are predominantly from classical medical massages. Because athletes are usually more robust, the sports massage is done more vigorously.

The individual requirements of the athlete and sport specific characteristics are taken into account in the treatment. A good massage therapist recognizes and eliminates performance-reducing states in the body of the receiver. The massage therapists of the PHYSIOZENTRUM benefit from the concept of a close cooperation with the (sports) physiotherapists – at the center private treatment rooms and training rooms are united under one roof.