Mobile physiotherapy in your own home

If you need physiotherapy but have limited mobility, we offer physiotherapy in your home or residence.

What is mobile physiotherapy?

Mobile physiotherapy is aimed at older people and senior citizens, people with limited mobility, injuries, disabilities and illnesses, or people who have had an operation or been in a rehabilitation centre.

A home visit will be prescribed by the doctor if it is not possible for you to come to our practice for health reasons. This saves you a journey and means that you do not have to organise transport, but can be treated by our physiotherapists in your own home.

One of the main advantages of physiotherapy at home is that our physios can practise everyday situations such as standing up or climbing stairs with you in your own home. In this way, you will soon be able to cope better with your daily activities at home and become more independent.

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The costs are covered by the insurance

If we make a home visit for physiotherapy, higher costs are incurred to take into account the journey to your home. These travel costs will be covered in full by your health insurance provided that your doctor has prescribed home treatment and indicated it on your prescription.

When will a physiotherapist come to my home?

If it is not possible for you to visit our practice for health reasons, the doctor will prescribe home treatment. We will then carry out physiotherapy in your own home. You can also book home treatment without a corresponding prescription, but in this case, you will have to pay the additional costs yourself.

How much does home treatment cost?

Home treatment costs about 35 francs more than treatment in our practice because of the travel costs to the patient’s home.

Do I have to pay the extra costs myself?

This depends on whether or not you have received a prescription for home treatment from your doctor. If you have, the insurance will pay a travel allowance of approx. 35 francs. As long as the journey to your home does not cost any more than this, you will not incur any additional costs. If you do not have a prescription for home treatment, you will have to pay the extra costs yourself.

What if the journey to my home exceeds the travel allowance?

We are also happy to travel further than the travel allowance. If the journey to your home costs us more than the travel allowance paid by the insurance, however, we must charge you the difference privately.

Where does the Physiozentrum offer home treatments?

We offer home visits in many regions of Switzerland. Enter your postcode in the field above, click on “Search”, and you will immediately find out whether your home is one of the addresses we can come to. We are also happy to take on further routes on request. Please enquire by telephone.

Can I arrange a home visit without a prescription?

Yes, but the travel costs will not be covered by the insurance if you do not have a prescription, and must be paid privately.

Yes, but the travel costs will not be covered by the insurance if you do not have a prescription, and must be paid privately.

No, we can carry out full treatment in your home. The treatment offered is just as effective as treatment in our practice. Of course there is no big, heavy fitness equipment available, but apart from that, we can use the full range of physiotherapy techniques in your home.

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This is how physiotherapy treatment at home works

During the first home visit, the physio will discuss your symptoms in detail and ask about your medical history. We place great emphasis on including your daily activities and home surroundings in your treatment so that you can make progress in your home environment. The aim is partly to learn more about your habits and any obstacles you face.

Treatment takes place during the subsequent appointments. A home visit does not in the least mean that the treatment is limited. With a few exceptions, a wide range of physiotherapy treatments are quite possible in your home.

  • Passive physiotherapy
  • Active physiotherapy
  • Advice and training

Passive means that the physio assists the patient with movement sequences. In active treatment, the patient does the exercises themselves under the guidance of the physiotherapist. Our experts use the infrastructure on site and bring small equipment with them if necessary.

Successful treatment often includes information on everyday behaviour between treatment sessions and “homework” in the form of exercises.