Massage in Baden – Pressure works wonders

Kneading, pinching, pressing, stroking – a few simple steps are enough to make you feel relaxed. The massage increases blood circulation, decreases blood pressure and pulse rate and reduces pain.

What kind of massage do I need?

The healing effect of a massage, that has been used by humans for thousands of years, is the focus of our health-oriented practice. Our massage therapists are masters of the techniques that are used for classical medical massages or sports massages. If necessary, they can discuss the situation with our physiotherapists, with whom they work door to door.

The massage therapists at the PHYSIOZENTRUM are also aware of the soothing effect of the massage so they are equally available for pure wellness treatments.

The positive effect of the treatment is that the patient feels safe and happy, also because of the calm and relaxed atmosphere in which the daily routine can be left behind.

We will be happy to advise you in person and find out together which massage is best for your needs.


The majority of health insurance companies cover all or part of the cost of a massage in the supplementary insurance package. Please check with your insurance company before treatment.
25 minutes: 70 CHF
40 minutes: 105 CHF
55 minutes: 130 CHF
85 minutes: 185 CHF

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Our practice is located at Schlossbergplatz

Arrival by public transport

The bus stop Schlossbergplatz is directly in front of our door. It is a three-minute walk to the train station.

Arrival by car

The Gstühl and Theaterplatz multi-storey car parks are just a few steps away.