Do you suffer from pain that does not decrease after treatment? Whether it’s a calcific shoulder, tennis elbow, hypersensitive trigger points, back pain, a heel spur or a badly healed fracture – they can make everyday life painful. Perhaps your doctor has already mentioned resistance to therapy, cortisone or surgery.

But there is an alternative: With the radial shock wave therapy the PHYSIOZENTRUM offers an effective and at the same time low-risk treatment method – without anesthesia, without side effects. At least no negative side effects.

Used successfully for cellulite treatment

The bundled shock waves significantly improve the appearance of the skin, which is why they are also used successfully for cellulite treatment. The PHYSIOZENTRUM treats the affected area with a high-tech EMS device. The first session already shows a great improvement. On average, only six sessions of 10 minutes each are necessary – and this with a high recovery rate of up to 85 percent.

It sounds like magic, but it’s a medical procedure. In radial shockwave therapy, high-energy and audible sound waves are generated mechanically outside the body. They are transferred to the skin with an applicator.

The waves penetrate a maximum of three centimetres of the tissue and spread there in a radial pattern. This causes microscopically small tissue injuries that stimulate metabolism and blood circulation. Anti-inflammatory and healing substances circulate through the enlarged pores and initiate the healing process.

While the patient is lying comfortably, the therapist places the movable shock wave head on the affected body part and moves it back and forth – usually in several intervals for about 10 minutes. This can be a little uncomfortable or painful, but never in such a state that local anaesthesia is necessary. A slight redness immediately after the treatment is no reason to worry. It usually disappears quickly. Another side effect lasts longer: firmer skin and a more beautiful appearance.

An alternative to surgery

The fact that shock wave therapy is widely recognised as an alternative to surgery is due to a coincidence. Originally the treatment was only used for kidney stones. The sound waves shatter kidney stones, the small particles are excreted with the urine – this procedure has been standard since the beginning of the 1980s. About ten years later, it was tested if the waves had negatively changed the surrounding pelvic bones.

The result was astounding: the opposite was the case! They waves even seemed to support the healing of damaged bones. The shock wave therapy was then tested for the first time on bone fractures, and the patient’s pain was immediately reduced. Today it is impossible to imagine pain therapy without the energy-rich waves.

Although radial shock wave therapy is considered a young method, numerous clinical studies have already been done. They all show a high success rate (60 to 85 percent) and the absence of clinically relevant side effects. Before deciding to have surgery or taking cortisone, this gentle yet effective therapy is worth a try.