The cooperation of our patients is significantly linked to the success of the therapy. Countless studies confirm the positive effect of active physiotherapy. Especially in the long term, the greatest success for your health can be achieved with this form of therapy.

Medical training therapy is ideal as an addition to your individual therapy. You have enough time and the right equipment to independently do your exercises that are exactly tailored to your needs. After the intense individual therapy, we want to maintain your positive results and help you to make further progress. Whether for muscle building, rehabilitation after an injury or for prevention – especially in the long term you benefit from the active extension of the therapy.

Modern equipment

The spacious and bright training rooms motivate you to exercise. Our modern equipment is specially designed for medical training and is regularly tested. In addition to the usual equipment for endurance training such as ergometers or treadmills, strength training equipment is also available. Training for coordination, balance or stability after injuries is particularly important. Therefore, we offer a wide range of special balance tools such as Sypoba, trampoline or air cushions. Physiotherapeutic basics such as Theraband or gymnastic ball are also available. In large mirrors you can see yourself – would your therapist be happy with your performance?

The medical training therapy is prescribed by the doctor. If there is no prescription and your therapist is convinced that this type of therapy would be particularly useful in your case, he will inform you or talk to your doctor about it. After the introduction, your progress will be discussed with the therapist at regular intervals. If necessary, your program will be adjusted. Depending on the prescription and training frequency, you can exercise for one, two or three months. After finishing the medical training therapy you can continue your program e.g. with a fitness subscription.