Connective tissue describes different types of tissue throughout the body: skin, subcutis, fascia, ligaments and tendons. Our connective tissue has countless important tasks to perform every day. It offers protection against mechanical influences as well as chemical, physical and thermal stimuli from the outside. It also stabilizes all internal organs. The connective tissue regulates the heat release of the body and the circulation by narrowing and widening the vessels. The connective tissue is also regarded as the sensory organ of the body. A lack of movement or surgeries can cause problems with the connective tissue.

Tensions are released by the massage. Internal organs can also be positively influenced by stimulation on the skin.

Suitable for all patients

The connective tissue massage is basically suitable for all patients with internal, orthopaedic, neurological or gynaecological diseases. Especially for complaints of the musculoskeletal system such as spinal problems, arthrosis or rheumatism. Connective tissue massage is also recommended for respiratory diseases, digestive problems or urogenital problems such as menstrual problems or recurrent cystitis. This treatment method is also effective for vascular diseases, stress, migraine, fatigue or sleep disorders.

Using special techniques the masseur moves the skin with his fingers against the subcutaneous connective tissue. The connective tissue massage usually begins in the lower back area and moves to the complaint area. During the treatment the patient experiences a feeling of being cut. The individual sensation of pain varies from person to person. The masseur finds the right intensity and type of massage for each individual patient.

After the massage the skin may be reddened. This redness sometimes lasts for one to two days. Immediately during or after the treatment specific symptoms may occur. Frequent urination, fatigue, sweating or mild nausea are considered normal reactions after a connective tissue massage. After the treatment the patients usually sleep very well.