You don’t feel well enough to come to our practice? In this case, our physiotherapists will be happy to visit you!

Some so-called active forms of therapy, which require training equipment, can only be practised in our centre. Apart from that, the entire spectrum of physiotherapy is also available to you in your home.

Domiciliary visit

In case of a disability, an illness, an accident or a major operation, the aim is to improve your reduced mobility. We achieve this with practical exercises adapted to the requirements of your everyday life and we combat your pain with specific physiotherapy techniques. For domiciliary treatments we work hand-in-hand with doctors, Spitex and relatives.

Retirement and nursing homes

The PHYSIOZENTRUM is the ideal physiotherapy partner for retirement and nursing homes. We have physiotherapists specialised in neurology, rheumatology and orthopaedics who also offer home treatment. Thanks to the size of our teams, we can guarantee that there is always a competent specialist available – even during holiday season. In order to be able to ensure a smooth process, we coordinate with the management of the institution, the relatives and the responsible doctor.