The term “classical massage” means a mechanical, mostly manual influence on the skin, the deeper tissue and the musculature. The classical massage is mainly used for prevention and treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, but can also be used as wellness treatment. It is offered as a partial as well as a full body treatment.

The classical massage helps with complaints of the musculoskeletal system, such as tension or muscle pain. But massage treatment is also very popular for migraines, headaches, psychological tension, restlessness and stress. Classic massage is also used to treat so-called psychosomatic disorders.

Pressure and tension stimuli

In a classical massage, pressure and tension stimuli are exerted on the muscles and their surrounding tissue. The effect takes place locally, by stretching and relaxing the muscles, and stimulating blood circulation and cell metabolism. Thus pain in the affected area is alleviated.

If the massage therapist stimulates faster, the tissue and musculature are stimulated and optimally prepared for impending stress. This principle is used, for example, in the field of sports and is usually referred to as “sports massage”.

Positive effects on the entire organism

The classical massage has a generally positive effect on the entire organism and promotes the well-being and relaxation of the patient. In detail, skin and cell metabolism, blood and lymph flow, as well as the blood circulation of the musculature and the formation of joint fluid are stimulated. The elasticity of ligaments and tendons is improved and muscular imbalance is harmonized. This leads to relief of pain, reduction of heart rate and blood pressure as well as deep breathing and thus to psychological relaxation.

Possible reactions after a massage treatment would be a feeling of muscle soreness or heaviness, fatigue, stiffness, slight pain or a slight pulling in the massaged area for 24 to 48 hours after the treatment. In case of fever, open wounds, severe cardiovascular diseases or acute inflammations the classical massage is not or only partially recommended.