The reflexology is a holistic form of therapy: Applied only to the foot it has a positive effect on the entire organism – and is also described as very pleasant and relaxing.

While Far Eastern cultures have known reflexology for thousands of years, it was the American doctor William H. Fitzgerald who made it famous in Europe at the beginning of the 20th century.

Selective stimulation

This special massage technique is based on the assumption that the reflex zones on the foot are connected to the various organs of the body. When our therapist massages with specific pressure these stimuli reach the brain and the connected organs through the skin, muscles, nerves, blood and lymphatic systems. This selective stimulation is able to release blockages in the meridians – the energy channels of the body – and to improve blood circulation.

The reflexology can help with anxiety and pain. Good results have also been achieved in the treatment of migraine, headaches and back pain. Since this special massage also helps to regulate the hormone balance it is recommended for menopausal symptoms. It can also alleviate asthma and allergies.

With a reflexology massage you strengthen your immune system. This is why even healthy people appreciate the positive effect.