Massage in Lenzburg

A professional massage works: it relieves pain, helps specifically with complaints and has a preventive effect. Our massage specialists at the Lenzburg train station are proficient in various techniques to address your needs.

Massage specialists

Thanks to our training and experience, every touch hits the spot.

Individual therapy

We meet your needs with the appropriate treatment.

Pressure works wonders

Our massages revitalise and alleviate complaints – even preventively.

We offer medical massage

For us, as a health-oriented practice, the healing effects of massage are paramount. Our massage therapists aim to eliminate your ailments such as pain, inflammation and tension. They get to the bottom of the causes of your discomfort and combat them effectively and sustainably with a medical massage.

To do this, they use various massage methods, such as the classic massage or the powerful sports massage. But our masseuses are also specialized in foot reflexology, pregnancy massage, connective tissue massage or lymphatic drainage.

This is how a massage with us works

The massage treatment starts with a short conversation. Your masseur or masseuse will draw up a medical report in order to specifically assess your complaints. Then an individual treatment plan is worked out and you set a goal together: What do you want to achieve with the massage? For example, would you like to be pain-free again or regain your mobility? After this brief but important exchange, the massage begins.

Which massage is right one?

Our masseurs choose the type of massage based on your complaints and treatment goals. We recommend booking a treatment duration of 40 or 55 minutes at the first appointment.


25 Min
For an initial evaluation, to treat minor complaints or for small areas of the body such as the neck or joints
CHF 70.—
40 Min
The ideal length for medium discomfort or for treating several parts of the body. Recommended for the first appointment
CHF 110.—
55 Min
The optimal length for full body massages or for complex complaints. Recommended for the first appointment
CHF 145.—
The most popular offer

The majority of health insurance companies cover the costs of a massage in full or in part as part of a supplementary insurance policy. Please check with your insurance company before treatment.

Our massage specialists in Lenzburg

«Eine gute Arbeit beginnt im Herzen. Wer so für das Wohl anderer strebt, fördert das eigene.»
Therapeutic Masseuse

Lenzburg Bahnhofstrasse


Bahnhofstrasse 38

5600 Lenzburg

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Our practice is located directly at the station next to the underpass

Arrival by public transport

Numerous trains arrive at Lenzburg station. From there it is only a few steps.

Arrival by car

Motorway A1 until exit 51-Lenzburg. We recommend the parking garage Gleis 2.