Medical massage is not a form of therapy in itself. The term “medical massage” is used primarily for better understanding and differentiation from pure wellness massage. With the medical massage the masseur chooses one or more suitable therapy forms for the targeted treatment of the existing complaints. Usually different techniques are combined and adjusted exactly to the symptoms and the patient.

Compared to a professional masseur, a medical masseur has a deeper, well-founded knowledge of the medical basics and the associated treatment methods. Thus, the medical masseur can treat patients with health restrictions and problems as well as complex clinical pictures.

A selection of all types of massage

The masseur works with his entire repertoire and selects all types of massage that are suitable for the current complaints situation and adapts them individually to the patient, e.g. classical massage, connective tissue massage, foot reflexology massage or lymphdrainage.

The medical massage helps with problems of the postural and locomotor system such as adhesions and scars, muscle tension, and shortening of connective tissue and muscles. It can also be used for organic dysfunctions such as digestive problems, or complex pain situations such as headaches and migraines. In the case of open wounds, severe cardiovascular diseases, acute inflammations or fever, a massage is not recommended.

The massage treatment improves blood circulation and metabolism in muscles, connective tissue and fascia. This relieves tension and vitality and restores muscular balance. It also improves the removal of metabolic end products in joints and tendon attachment sites and stimulates the production of synovial fluid. The mechanical stimuli remove dead skin cells and increase the blood circulation of the skin.

Even organs can be positively influenced with a massage (connective tissue massage). It also supports venous reflux and stimulates lymph flow. General psychological relaxation is achieved by lowering heart rhythm and blood pressure, breathing rate, muscle tension and body temperature.

The same reactions can occur as after the classical massage.