Does your back hurt sometimes? Do your hips or knees make a cracking sound? Does your neck feel tense?

Non-specific complaints occur frequently and usually disappear without treatment. But sometimes they point to a deeper problem. A problem that should be tackled sooner rather than later.

50-minute program

The Physio-Checkup is a 50-minute program to see if your body is struggling with posture problems and possible weak points.

The Physio-Checkup is a sequence of standardized tests to identify deficits in the musculoskeletal system. All tests are scientifically proven to allow reliable statements about the type and location of the problem and the resulting risk of injuries and disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

Recommendation for further action

The Checkup ends with an explanation of your test results and a recommendation for further action.

Further action could be exercises for your independent training at home or in the office, or a fitness program adapted to your needs. In some cases also a doctor’s visit is recommended.

Sportswear is recommended. Of course you can use our changing rooms with showers.

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