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Practice Assistant (100%)

Workplace: Zurich Oerlikon

We at the Physiozentrum want to relieve people of pain and restore their quality of life. We use the entire spectrum of physiotherapy as well as massages and medical training. The key to high quality is strong teams with employees who are constantly evolving.

Interview with a coworker

Noemi Sanchez

Practice Assistant

Topic Everyday life

How does your current job differ from your last job? 

I used to work in a dental practice. Now I have more contact to service providers (health insurance, accident insurance) and a closer cooperation with doctors. (But no contact with sterile instruments, less medicine.)

In the Physiozentrum it’s about deepened work in the administration area. Here you get to know administrative tasks very well, such as billing and scheduling. The nice thing about the work here is that you can see the “healing” of the patient – how the pain is reduced in most cases, etc. Especially great: if we can avoid surgery with physiotherapy.

Topic Structure

Which structures/procedures do you consider to be particularly efficient in the Physiozentrum? 

That the therapists are relieved with practice assistants. So they can do an effective 25min therapy. The list system for pending cases, appointments, cancellation points, etc. is a great help. So information is not lost. Of course, there is always room for improvement per location. That is normal. The two-week team meetings and the executive boared report once a month provide me with clarity. You can discuss everything that’s going well at the moment and something less. Each therapist / practice assistant can communicate important information to the whole team.  I think the procedure is great, you first get a manual to read a bit.  You can use this manual at any time.

 Topic Employees

What do you value within a team? 

Honesty, openness and above all cohesion are very important to me. Only if you say openly what bothers you can something be changed. Being able to accept suggestions for improvement is just as important. Mistakes happen. You still have to stick together and see how you can correct the mistake. Everyone has a bad day in the team. That’s ok. But what must never be missing is the fun of working together.

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What our employees think

«I appreciate the experience and structure that the Physiozentrum has as a company. What struck me most about this was my own introduction period. I was trained by experienced people and noticed that everything was very well thought out.»
Franziska Salzmann
Physiotherapist at Zurich HB
«The daily routine with the therapists and the masseuses is very instructive every day anew. We can exchange our knowledge every day and benefit from each other. It feels like a companionship with each other and everyone supports each other.»
Elena Del Piano
Practice assistant in Wil
«As a practice assistant, I have to make this place work. That's a big responsibility, but I enjoy it because it never gets boring and because the physios appreciate my work enormously. The appreciation of the team motivates me every day anew.»
Deborah Caproni
Practice assistant in Wetzikon

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