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Physiotherapist (80 – 100%)

Workplace: Lucerne

We at the Physiozentrum want to relieve people of pain and restore their quality of life. We use the entire spectrum of physiotherapy as well as massages and medical training. The key to high quality is strong teams with employees who are constantly evolving.

Interview with a coworker

Franziska Salzmann


Topic Experience

How does your current job differ from your last job at the hospital?

My work at Physiozentrum differs from my last job at the hospital in that I only treat outpatients at Physiozentrum. At the hospital it was outpatients and inpatients. In addition, my patients at Physiozentrum are young or young at heart, motivated and more athletic people who choose conservative treatment or are highly motivated to pursue a goal after an operation. The nice thing about it is that this group of patients consciously wants active therapy and very much appreciates my guidance/support/supervision. In addition, I personally love to play detective in order to get to the bottom of the problems the patients bring with them.

Topic Physiozentrum

Which structures/procedures do you consider to be particularly efficient in the Physiozentrum?

I appreciate the experience and structure that the Physiozentrum has as a company. What struck me most about this was my own introduction. I was introduced by experienced people and noticed that everything was very well thought out. This ranges from instructions for all possible processes, to the salary system, to the further education and training system (we have our own academy and are allowed to train externally). The planning and documentation system is particularly efficient for me. What I also appreciate very much and find very efficient is the support we receive from the practical assistants. They relieve us of a lot of telephone and scheduling work.

Topic Patients

What do you value most about a good relationship with the patients?

The first encounter: the first impression is very important for a good patient relationship. It is important to me that the patients feel welcome and understood at the first appointment. I make sure that the patients are well informed about what physiotherapy is and how we will approach the patient’s concerns. Good communication is the basis for a trusting relationship between patient and therapist.

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What our employees think

«The Physiozentrum is concerned with in-depth work when it comes to administrative tasks, planing, scheduling and finance are key issues. The nice thing about the work here is that you see the "healing" of the patients - how the pain is reduced in most cases etc.. Especially great: if we can avoid surgery with physiotherapy.»
Noemi Sanchez
Practice assistant in Winterthur
«I joined the physiotherapy centre as a young therapist. My bosses have seen and encouraged my commitment. Now, two and a half years later, I myself am the centre manager in the new and growing Uster location. My tasks - organizing everyday practice, administration and professional supervision with the team - are fun!»
Swende Krämer
Centre manager in Uster
«I appreciate the experience and structure that the Physiozentrum has as a company. What struck me most about this was my own introduction period. I was trained by experienced people and noticed that everything was very well thought out.»
Franziska Salzmann
Physiotherapist at Zurich HB

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Questions about the concept

We believe that there will be a strong specialisation in physiotherapy in the future. Similar to the medical profession with its system of specialists. We welcome and encourage this development by empowering our physios to build specific expertise. That is why we also support certain courses financially. Of course, every physio is still a generalist who has to be able to deal with every general indication. But if there is another team member who is more suitable, the patient can and should be passed on.

When putting together our teams, we make sure that the most important techniques are available at every location: Sports physios and manual therapists. Jaw and pelvic floor therapists. However, we do not cover certain disciplines, so "the entire spectrum" is slightly exaggerated.

We do not offer any paediatric physiotherapy, nor do we have any specific offers in the field of geriatrics. There are also specialized providers in the field of neuro-rehabilitation who can offer more than we can. Minor neurological indications, on the other hand, can be treated well by us.

Yes, physiotherapy treatments last 25 minutes with us. And it works great. Our physios hardly have to take on any administrative tasks. Operating the telephone, arranging appointments, obtaining prescriptions, sending invoices - all this is done by our practice assistants. The pure treatment time is therefore not shorter with us than elsewhere.

If you can concentrate fully on your patient, you won't have more stress than in another practice, where you work in 30-minute intervals, but the whole administration is added.

Well, some tasks cannot be delegated to a practice assistant. For example the writing of medical reports. You have 50 minutes of admin time per day to do this.

No. The telephone service is provided by our practice assistants from 7 am to 8 pm. During off-peak times and also on Saturdays, the telephone is redirected to another location.

In some cases 25 minutes are not enough for an adequate therapy. If necessary, you can extend the therapy time to 35 minutes at any time.

Well, not all of them are very young (our oldest employee is over 60 years old). But of course, the majority of our employees do not have grey hair. Often young physios are as good (and sometimes even better than) as experienced professionals. This has a lot to do with the fact that physiotherapy as a young discipline is developing rapidly and the training today is much stronger than it was in the last millennium. You will notice that.

There are two different reasons for this:
1 We all know people who can poison the mood on their own. The team is sacred to us. For people who only spread bad vibrations, we have no place.
2. we don't want incompetent people. We promise our patients that they will receive high-quality therapy from us. Those who are not willing or unable to do a good job do not really fit in with us.

Wage questions

Yeah, you get a share of your sales. It depends on your professional experience and increases regularly. But you don't bear any risk. We guarantee you a minimum annual salary that is at market wage level, i.e. about as high as the wage you receive elsewhere.
With this model, we make sure that you put as much effort into it as possible (sitting around is not worth it), but that you don't have to panic because you end up getting too little.

This has no direct financial consequences for you, because your minimum annual salary is guaranteed. If you have trouble finding a good workload over a longer period of time, we have to find out why. Have we not allocated enough patients to you? Are the patients not convinced of your competence? Or do you have administrative chaos? In most cases we can help you.

Yes. On one hand, there are direct funding instruments, such as the CHF 1,000 per year training subsidy and a one-week holiday for training courses. And of course our internal Academy, which is free of charge for all employees. However, the most important thing: with us, all employees are entitled to supervisions with the centre manager. In the beginning, we usually offer 50 minutes per week. Even people who have been with us for years regularly complete supervisions so that the exchange of personal experience is ensured. In our experience, this 1:1 coaching has the most positive influence on the quality of therapy.

Questions about the workload

Yes, if you have a little child, you can also work for us on a 40 percent workload. In this case, you are also released from the obligation to work on two evenings. You can choose whether you want to work once until 8 pm or on two days until 6.25 pm.

Sure. We think it's great that you' re doing an on-the-job master. You are more than welcome to work 50 or 60 percent. Ideally, you should work long hours on Monday and Wednesday and shorter hours on Tuesday.

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