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Intern Reception / Practice Assistant (80 – 100%)

Workplace: Basel Marktplatz

We at the Physiozentrum want to relieve people of pain and restore their quality of life. We use the entire spectrum of physiotherapy as well as massages and medical training. The key to high quality is strong teams with employees who are constantly evolving.

Interview with a coworker

Elena Del Piano

Practice Assistant

Topic Cooperation

How do you experience the daily work with therapists and masseurs? 

Everyday life with therapists and masseuses is very instructive every day. We can exchange our knowledge every day and benefit from each other. It is a beautiful thing with each other and everyone supports each other. Since each therapist has a different concern, my working day is very varied, which I like very much. The work is like a second home, you like to come and have fun.

Topic Challenges

What challenges you most? 

That I live up to my expectations. It is important to me that I bring all therapists up to date, e.g. with regard to billing and insurance. It is just as important to me that I train our trainee so that she can work independently and that she has the desired level of knowledge.

Topic Everyday life

What does a successful working day look like for you? 

A successful day for me is when I can go home after work with a good feeling. That is, when all administrative and organizational tasks have been completed, the patients and therapists are satisfied and I have been able to teach our intern something new.

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What our employees think

«I joined the physiotherapy centre as a young therapist. My bosses have seen and encouraged my commitment. Now, two and a half years later, I myself am the centre manager in the new and growing Uster location. My tasks - organizing everyday practice, administration and professional supervision with the team - are fun!»
Swende Krämer
Centre manager in Uster
«The strong presence on the Internet is not deceptive, but represents exactly what is offered in the PHYSIOZENTRUM. When I came here from Germany, I was particularly surprised by two things: Firstly, the promotion and further development that is made possible for a therapist! And secondly, the lively communication between therapists and doctors at eye level, which is something you still have to look around for a long time in many parts of the world. »
Cornelius Rothweiler
Physiotherapist in Wil
«I personally find further training very important in order to get ahead, to be able to help patients and to always be up to date with the latest research. The Physiozentrum supports us unbelievably in completing such training courses, be it financially or with compensation, which is not at all self-evident.»
Maria Benz
Physiotherapist in Wil

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