Currently, all Physiozentrum locations are open during normal opening hours. Ongoing therapies are continued and new patients are also welcome. However, special restrictions apply:

  • We only treat high-risk patients in exceptional cases of high urgency. According to the FOPH, persons who are particularly at risk are considered to be at risk:
    • persons over 65 years of age
    • People with one of these pre-existing conditions:
      • high blood pressure
      • Diabetes
      • Cardiovascular diseases
      • Chronic respiratory diseases
      • diseases and therapies that weaken the immune system
      • Cancer
  • We cannot treat patients with symptoms such as cough, fever or breathing difficulties. We kindly ask you not to come to the practice if you have such symptoms, but to contact us by telephone.
  • All group therapies are discontinued.
  • The medical massage and training sessions are completely discontinued. The Medical Training Therapy (MTT) is still available for patients in the rehabilitation process (if prescribed by a doctor).

We are currently checking in each individual case whether the therapy can be adjusted to minimize the risk of further spread of the corona virus. possibilities are:

  • Therapy via video chat or telephone
  • Reduction of on-site consultations
  • Increased involvement of a home program
  • Complete suspension of the therapy (if no harm is to be expected)

Our top priority is to protect the health of patients and employees. In addition to the generally applicable measures taken by the Confederation and the cantons, we also apply additional hygiene measures:

  • All employees wear face masks (from 19.3.20)
  • Exposed surfaces (door handles, reception furniture, toilets, etc.) are disinfected several times a day
  • Strict distance regulations at reception and in the waiting area

You, our patients, can help to stop the spread of the virus:

  • Hand disinfectant is available at the entrance – please use it
  • If possible, avoid travelling by public transport, it is best to come to the practice on foot or by bicycle
  • Help disinfect exercise equipment after use

Together we are fighting not to give the virus any space. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

The management AG